Friday, January 15, 2016

Why O-Reps Is Right for All Your Commercial Freezer Needs

There is no denying that owning and/or managing a restaurant is tough. Whether your eatery is independently-owned or part of a larger chain, the trials and tribulations of restaurant ownership are universal. As any proprietor can confirm, various pieces of kitchen equipment — most notably freezers and refrigeration units — constantly need to be repaired and have components swapped out. The busier your establishment is, the more taxed the tools of the trade are likely to be. For this reason, becoming acquainted with a consistently reliable kitchen supply company can lift a tremendous weight off your shoulders. 
Wide Selection of Parts at Rock-Bottom Prices
No matter which commercial freezer parts you’re looking for, O-Reps has what you need for a price you’re willing to pay. Compressors, gaskets, and thermostats for a wide range of models are readily available at O-Reps’ online store. On the less technical side, O-Reps also offers an extensive selection of doors, strip curtains, and shelves.
Prompt Shipping

When certain components malfunction, prompt replacement is integral to salvaging the contents of a freezer. That being the case, many restaurants want new parts shipped and delivered as quickly as possible. This is why O-Reps offers discounted one-to-four-day ground shipping with all of its parts and accessories.

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