Friday, December 30, 2016

Kitchen Safety: Basic Tips For Using Fryers

fryer basket
Keep your back of house employees protected and prevent kitchen fires by following these basic safety tips for using fryers.

·         Start by setting up the area where the fryer is kept. Mats must be placed by the fryer. These should be slip and grease resistant to prevent falling or moving machinery. Employees must wear proper shoes that cover feet and are slip resistant.

·         Identify where the fire extinguisher is and ensure that it is marked as Class K. A grease fire is different than other fires, meaning it can’t be put out with the same methods. Keep a lid or cover for the fryer close by in case it catches fire. Make sure employees are aware than water should never be used to put out grease fryers.

·         Provide workers with hand protection for lifting fryer baskets. This can be in the form of oven mitts, pot holders and steam resistant gloves. Train employees on fryer safety and use. Having a first-aid trained staff member on duty also can help prevent accidents from turning into disasters.

·         Use the right kind of oil and make sure it is heated to the proper temperature.  Do not turn the fryer on until after oil has been added.

·         Do no leave food in the fryer unattended or for too long. Overcooked food can burn and become a fire hazard.

·         When cooking, do not overfill the fryer basket. Making sure the basket is never more than two thirds full is a good baseline. Purchase larger baskets if you need to serve larger quantities of food.

Friday, December 16, 2016

Kitchen Maintenance: Cleaning Your Holman Toaster

Holman toaster
Whether you have a daily supply of bagels or toast running through it, a Holman toaster is sure to get extensive use in your kitchen. Make sure you commercial conveyor toaster stays shining and functional by following these basic steps for cleaning.

Be aware that cleaning this toaster does NOT involve letting the machine soak. Do NOT immerse the toaster or leave it sitting in water. Do NOT use a hose to rinse it.

Here is a step-by-step breakdown for cleaning your Holman toaster.
  1. Turn off the heat controls.
  2. At the end of the day, clean conveyor belt with a damp cloth on the fastest setting. At the end of the week, use an abrasive pad to clean.
  3. For deep cleaning, make sure the toaster is off. Unplug power cords from the wall. Allow time for it to cool from use. While the side panels remain cool while in use, you may feel some heat coming from the inside of the toaster. Wait until this heat subsides.
  4. Remove crumb tray and clean this outside of the toaster. Make sure to return before using again.
  5. Wipe down the outside surface of the toaster.
  6. Every week, after unplugging the unit, clean the air intake with a vacuum or damp cloth

 If debris accumulates by the vents, the unit may experience technical problems. Perform basic cleaning procedures on a daily basis and deep cleans each week, depending on use. Make sure you commercial conveyor toaster stays shining and functional by following these basic steps for cleaning.