Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Commercial Kitchen Maintenance Tips

When a commercial kitchen is running smoothly, it's a thing of beauty. However, there's a lot of work that goes on to turn a kitchen into a well-oiled machine. A major part of that is proper maintenance. The following tips will help keep your kitchen at peak performance.

Refer to Your Owner's Manuals – Everything in your kitchen, from the deep fryer to the PVC strip curtains & doors, has an owner's manual. Those manuals are your best resource for the proper care and maintenance of your kitchen equipment. Follow the manual's guidelines to help ensure everything stays in optimal condition.

Fill Out and Return Those Warranty Cards – Most major kitchen equipment comes with warranties that often include free parts and labor. It's worth the few minutes it takes to fill the warranty cards out and mail them or even to just go online and fill them out there, if that's an option. It doesn't make sense to invest in a piece of equipment, only to ignore the warranty that goes with it.

Clean, Clean, Clean – Food scraps, dirt, and grime all build up on a daily basis, so you need to clean your equipment on a daily basis. Simply keeping everything clean will help avoid this buildup, which is a leading cause of equipment failure and malfunction. For equipment that has deep cleaning requirements, be sure to meet those as recommended by the manufacturer.

Regularly Inspect Kitchen Equipment – The smallest of things can eventually lead to catastrophic failure, so taking the time to walk through your kitchen and inspect everything is well worth it. Catching and correcting something small, such as a loose fitting, can save untold amounts of money in bigger repairs down the line. Additionally, replacing worn parts will extend the life of your equipment.

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