Thursday, October 29, 2015

How to Clean and Store Your Commercial Fryer

fried food
Keeping your fryer and baskets in good clean order, is essential to well prepared food, and the least amount of maintenance costs. Here are a few tips for taking care of your commercial fryer and accessories.
·         Daily Clean Up – Having a daily cleaning routine for the outside of your fryer can be extremely beneficial, not to mention, sanitary! Also, think of work safety for mold and other issues that might arise from a fryer that is not cleaned on a daily basis
·         Flush Out Every 3 Months – Stay on the safe side and do a full flush of your fryer every three months. This consists of draining the fryer of oil and then filling it with warm water and dish detergent to let sit for approximately an hour. This will help to remove any residual discarded food or oil. Drain continue to fill with just warm water a few times or until clean to touch and smell.
·         Hire Professionals – Once a year your fryer should be inspected by a professional. This will help you stay ahead of any possible issues that might come up. It will also keep you from surprise emergency costs for expedited repairs.

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The Basics of Industrial Cooling Equipment

Refrigeration is the best tool in your kitchen equipment arsenal. Being a commercial refrigeration owner means that it might be helpful to know the basics of your equipment. Here is a brief overview of industrial cooling equipment.
·         Hot Out – The first step in refrigeration is to use a gas, usually, tetrafluoroethane, or HFC, to move through parts of the unit to cool the space. The keys to this include the process of 2nd Law of Thermodynamics which states that two objects of different temperatures that are close to each other can exchange temps. Meaning that when these chemicals are close to other materials, the chemical becomes warm as the object becomes cooler.
·         Keep It Moving – The second portion is a little easier to understand as it consists of constantly moving the air throughout the space to continue this chemical reaction. As the HFC warms up, it becomes a liquid and then gets evaporated into the air and the cycle continues. This will continue until the space is cooled.
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