Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Quality Oven and Stove Parts for Your Kitchen

Commercial Kitchen Parts
Keep your kitchen running when you buy parts online at O-Reps. Our business sells a massive selection of parts for your stoves and grills, including:

  • Racks – If your oven and broiler racks are just not working for you anymore, you can purchase a new selection from O-Reps today. Our business carries options from brands like Baker’s Pride and US Range at a price that will not break the bank. If you cannot find what you need in the store, you can place a special order with us.
  • Heating Elements – We know that finding the right heating element for your oven or stove can be hard, so our business offers excellent selections from brands like Duke Mfg, Lincoln Oven, and Wells. Our company always keeps the items we offer in stock, so you will not have to stress about the part being out when you place your order.
  • Charbroiler Grill Grates – Using older charbroiler grates in your kitchen can make your meat and vegetables taste terrible. You can upgrade your grates when you shop with us. We offer same-day shipping options on many of the charbroiler grates we sell, as well as our other selections.

Find only the best commercial kitchen parts online when you shop at O-Reps. Our business caters to restaurant owners, as well as people managing school, hospital, and nursing home cafeteria kitchens.

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Choosing the Right Refrigerators

Commercial Refrigerator Parts
Building the perfect kitchen is essential for any restaurant. Before you start buying everything, you need to make sure that you know what you are getting and where everything is going to go – including your refrigerator units.

You need to consider the amount of space you have to work with to ensure that you will have the right type of unit for your needs. For a kitchen with a high volume, you should undoubtedly choose a larger walk-in unit, making room for it in your floor plans. If you are running a coffee shop or small lunch counter, a selection of smaller units may be right for you.

Once you have figured how much space is available for you, you need to make sure that your refrigerator is in the right location. If the refrigerator is located near a line cook or grilling station, you should invest in a bottom-mounted selection, as top-mounted selections will suck up grease from the steam. Bottom-mounted units do not work well near lots of flour, so you should consider investing in a top-mounted option.

You can keep all of your refrigeration units working well with help from O-Reps. Our business is proud to offer a vast array of commercial refrigerator parts for your kitchen. We offer options at affordable prices, as well as fast shipping services.

Friday, February 9, 2018

Walk-in Cooler and Freezer Maintenance Tips

Commercial Refrigerator Parts
Take care of your walk-in coolers and freezers with a little help from the team at O-Reps. We recommend the following to keep your systems working correctly:

  • Clean with Soap and Water – As simple as this sounds, many people who run kitchens never spend any time cleaning their walk-in coolers and freezers with soap and water. You should try to clean it every month, as well as clean your evaporator, fan blades, and condensing coil at least twice a year.
  • Hire a Service Technician – Choosing a service technician to take care of your coolers and freezers, even when they are not broken, is a smart way to ensure that your systems will continue working for many years. They will spot small issues before they become more significant problems and check to see if the system is running correctly.
  • Lubricate Your Hinges – The door to your freezers and coolers ensure that the cold air stays inside the unit. When your door hinges do not work, the cold air can leak out, which will cause your cooler or freezer to work overtime. You need to lubricate your hinges annually to keep the system working.

Come to O-Reps when you are looking for commercial refrigerator parts. Our business carries everything you need to keep your coolers and freezers working efficiently.

Monday, January 22, 2018

Quality Commercial Oven and Stove Parts

Commercial Stove Parts
Running a kitchen with a broken stove or oven is like running a race with no legs – impossible. O-Reps is proud to offer a wide array of parts for your needs, including the following:

  • Oven and Broiler Racks – Replacement oven racks, broiler racks, and backing decks are available from our business. We carry a wide selection of racks for Baker’s Pride, Blodgett, and US Range ovens at a price that will fit your budget. Furthermore, our business special orders pieces that you cannot find in our store.
  • Heating Elements – Make sure the range on your stove or the element in your oven is heating up properly with a new element from O-Reps. Not only do we provide elements from stoves and ovens, but we also offer selections for toasters, food warmers, dishwashers, and steam tables.
  • Radiants and Deflectors – Stop paying exorbitant fees for oven parts and count on O-Reps for radiants and deflectors. We cater to all types of culinary professionals, including high-end restaurants, hospital kitchens, cafeterias, and fast food establishments.

O-Reps understands that you need your commercial stove parts, so we offer fast shipping options to ensure that your piece arrives at your location promptly. Shop with us today and purchase quality parts for your kitchen.

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Ways to Keep Your Walk-in Freezer Working

Commercial Freezer Parts
Making sure your freezer is working correctly at all times starts with simple maintenance. By being mindful and always following the rules, your freezer should operate efficiently for many years. Take a look at some of these tips:

  • Close the Door – This is a no-brainer, but sometimes people need to have these apparent tips reviewed multiple times. When the door is left open for too long, it causes the motors in your freezer to work overtime. When this happens too often, it stops the compressors from working properly.
  • Turn Off the Lights – When you leave the lights on in the freezer, you are creating an environment that is slightly warmer. You can naturally use the lights when you are in the freezer, but you should keep them off when you are not in there.
  • Inspect Your Gaskets – Gaskets on your freezer to keep the cold in and prevent your compressors from working overtime. When your gaskets crack and wear down, it stops your freezer from working efficiently.  With regular inspections, you can spot any problems before they become a problem.

Do you need new commercial freezer parts for your system? O-Reps has gaskets, thermostats, wiring, and more! Shop with us whenever you are in the market for new parts.