Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Tips for Getting Your Grill Grates Sparkly Clean

The grates are the dirtiest components of most grills. Since they attract more than their fair share of gristle and food particles, grill grates need to be cleaned on a fairly consistent basis. However, getting your grates to sparkle like new can prove rather tricky, particularly if your grill receives a fair amount of use. Restaurateurs and backyard grill masters in search of effective grate cleaning tips can benefit from the following pointers.

Heat Is Your Friend
When setting out to clean your grill grates, heat can be your best friend. If you’re overwhelmed by the amount of caked-on filth your grates have accumulated, place them in a self-cleaning oven and subject them to the cleaning process. Doing this on a regular basis has been known to lead to discoloration, but if you don’t care what color your grates are, you have absolutely nothing to lose. 

Baking Soda Is Very Handy
Baking soda is an immensely popular cleaning tool whose effectiveness extends to dirty grill grates. Before attempting to utilize this tip, confirm that your grates haven’t been used for at least one hour. Next, fill a bucket with hot water; add a quarter-cup of dish soap, then pour in a quarter-cup of baking soda. After stirring this mixture until it forms a lather allow your grates to soak in the bucket for an hour. This should make short work of any food particles and gristle that are clinging to the grates. 

Regularly Brush Your Grates
One of the most effective ways to prevent excessive gristle buildup is to brush your grates on a regular basis. At-home grill masters are urged to brush their grates after every barbecue, while restaurateurs whose grills are constantly in use will need to brush their grates several times a day. 

Purging grill grates of filth is no small undertaking. In light of their propensity for attracting and retaining food particles, most grates are essentially dirt magnets. However, while it can certainly be tricky, effective grate cleaning is far from impossible. 

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