Friday, September 30, 2016

The Benefits of Investing in an Infrared Grill

kabobs on a grill
No matter what type of food your restaurant specializes in, you stand to benefit from investing in an infrared grill. In addition to being highly cost-effective, these increasingly commonplace grills have a number of advantages over their more traditional counterparts. Restaurateurs who are entertaining the idea of adding an infrared grill to their kitchen should consider the following benefits. 

Lightning-Fast Heating Times
Infrared burners are capable of much faster heating times than traditional grills. Most infrared grills can reach temperatures exceeding 1,000 degrees in under a minute. What’s more, these grills can be sufficiently preheated in around three minutes. This can prove tremendously convenient for restaurants that are always busy.

Even Distribution of Heat
Meat cooked on infrared grills tends to taste better than meat prepared on traditional grills. The reason for this is heat distribution. With traditional grills, it’s hardly uncommon for heat to be unevenly distributed throughout a piece of meat. Alternatively, infrared grills provide a far more even distribution of heat, thus ensuring more flavorful entrĂ©es.  

Easy to Clean
Grill cleaning is among the most cumbersome chores restaurant workers have to tackle. Not only does it need to be performed multiple times a day, it frequently hampers outgoing orders. Fortunately, purging infrared grills of gristle and food particles doesn’t require copious amounts of scrubbing and scraping. Simply turn the temperature up to “high,” watch the residual particles burn away and resume cooking. 

A reliable infrared grill is guaranteed to make a welcome addition to any restaurant kitchen. Since grills are vitally important tools at any given eatery, it’s only natural for restaurateurs to want the highest-quality grills currently available. If fast heating times, even distribution of heat, and easy cleaning are what you’re after, a cutting-edge infrared grill should be right up your alley.   

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