Tuesday, November 1, 2016

3 Reasons an Infrared Grill Is a Smart Investment for Your Restaurant

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Most career restaurateurs agree that infrared grills represent the way of the future. In addition to being easier to maintain than traditional grills, infrared models are very easy to use and highly cost-effective. Although a high-end infrared grill may leave you with a mild case of sticker shock, it won’t be long before your investment pays off. Restaurant owners who are debating whether or not to add an infrared grill to their kitchen are urged to consider the following perks. 

1. Hassle-Free Maintenance
No restaurant worker relishes having to clean grills. It’s irksome, it’s time-consuming and it has to be done multiple times throughout the workday. Furthermore, scrubbing and brushing grills that accumulate substantial amounts of food particles and caked-on gristle can prove physically strenuous. Conversely, cleaning an infrared grill couldn’t be easier. Since most infrared models are self-cleaning, workers can use this time to focus on more pressing matters, thus increasing productivity in the kitchen.  

2. Reduced Preparation Times
Since infrared grills are able to cook meat much faster than their grate-based counterparts, your kitchen staff will be able to get orders out more quickly. Even low-end infrared burners are capable of reaching temperatures in excess of 1,000 degrees in under a minute’s time. As an added bonus, most of these grills can be preheated in less than three minutes, much to the delight of perpetually busy food preppers. 

3. Better Tasting Entrees
Meat that’s cooked on infrared grills tends to be more flavorful than meat prepared on traditional grills. This is largely due to the fact that infrared burners provide even distribution of heat, whereas older grills have an unfortunate tendency to overcook certain areas and undercook others.  

There are many good reasons for restaurateurs to put their money behind infrared grills. If you find hassle-free maintenance, short prep times, and evenly-cooked meat appealing, a dependable infrared grill is a worthwhile investment.   

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