Friday, November 6, 2015

Why Walk-in Coolers Are Important for a Commercial Kitchen

walk in cooler
If you're running a commercial kitchen, a walk-in cooler might seem like one more item to maintenance. However, if you want to stay in compliance with FDA standards, a walk-in cooler is a must. The good news is quality walk-in cooler parts are easy to find and well worth the investment. A properly maintained walk-in cooler will serve you well for years to come. Read on to discover more reasons why you need a walk-in cooler.
·         You Need to Keep Food Stored at a Constant Temperature - Food handling safety guidelines dictate certain foods must be kept at certain temperatures on a consistent basis. This is because refrigeration preserves freshness, quality, and appeal. Not only that, it also helps reduce food spoilage and associated expenses.
·         You Need a Large Space to Store Refrigerated Food - In addition to foods with FDA guidelines for refrigeration, other foods can benefit from refrigeration as well. For instance, baked goods, fruit, and vegetables all stay fresher longer when refrigerated. Also, pre-work items such as raw meat and sliced produce can be safely stored in a walk-in cooler in preparation for lunch and dinner rushes later on in the day.

Finally, you might own a small restaurant now but if you're planning on growing at all, you're going to need the space to do so. A walk-in cooler allows you the refrigerated space you need when you need it.

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