Friday, March 31, 2017

Infrared Grills – How Do They Work?

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Whether you are considering investing in an infrared burner or have been using one for years and are just not sure how they work, infrared grills fascinating technology that can change the way you cook. Originally created in 1961, these grills had been very expensive and only used in commercial restaurants. Once the patents expired, it allowed the average chef to gain access to this fascinating technology. Even though they are more common, many restaurants rely on these cooking surfaces.

These grills work by using infrared technology as the heat source. Unlike other grills and burners, which use flame or electric sources for heat, these grills feature an infrared element that allows you to cook meat and other food in a uniform manner. These grills are also very versatile, allowing you to fluidly move between high and low temperatures. Any chef who has worked with standard gas and electric grills knows that this can simply and easily speed up the cooking process.

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